Top 3 and Best Ways To Instant Get Pregnant

Top 3 Best Ways To Get Pregnant

Why you can’t get pregnant?

First of all you need to know why you can’t get pregnant?

In fact, this is important to understand the whole complex process of ‘how to get pregnant’. Some couples tend to have the results just by talking about it. But for others it really takes tons of patience and effort. However, the old-fashioned way has always been predicting ovulation and knowing all do’s & don’ts of maximizing fertility.

No; 1 How to Get Pregnant

This time immemorial conception is based on natural things. The point is each month the hormones stimulate the ovaries and they release an egg, which then travels to a single fallopian tube. This is called ovulation and this is high time you conceived. But in order not to hit a moving target, you may:

  • Use any calendar for marking your period’s beginning and lasting. Ovulation mostly occurs in the middle of the general cycle. For instance, if you have it 28-day, your ovulation will start 14 days after the last period began. Having a 34-day cycle, wait for the ovulation in 20 days.
  • Watch for vaginal secretions, as they are clear, increased and slippery at ovulation. After it, the discharge will be sticky, cloudy or disappear at all.
  • Observe the basal body temperature, because ovulation usually causes a little increase in it. Buy a special monitoring thermometer and measure your temperature in the morning. Typically, you will be the most fertile during 2-3 days before it rises.
  • Try the so-called ‘ovulation predictor kit’, which tests your urine for the hormone surge before ovulation. Such a device is capable to identify both the ovulation time and even an actual ovulation signal.

No; 2 Do’s & Don’ts

of Maximizing Fertility Conception

  1. Having sex regularly, you are certain to hit a 100% fertile time at some point. There is no such thing as ‘much sex’ here.  More so, doing it near the ovulation period can increase the chances greatly.
  2. Making healthy lifestyle choices, that is proper weight, physical activity, diet, limited caffeine and managed stress are the best habits to select. All this is considered to be a ‘preconception planning’.
  3. Folic acid supplement plus prenatal vitamins are known to significantly reduce any risks of neural tube defects.
  4. Avoid smoking and alcohol, as they do not let sperm reach the egg.
  5. Taking certain medications can also make it rather difficult to conceive and stay safe during pregnancy.
  6. Vaginal lubricants are to decrease fertility too. Better consider mineral or canola oil, as well as other suggestions from your doctor.
  7. Though physical activity helps promoting fertility, it may have the opposite effect if not moderate.

No; 3 Remember when

  • Most healthy couples achieve the goal within 1 year, with frequent unprotected sex. If you are less than 30 and in good health both with your partner, firstly, manage it on your own during this period, before consulting any doctor.
  • If you’re 35 or older, consider seeking for some professional help.
  • In fact, infertility affects both women and men, but today’s treatment available makes wonders. It depends on the problem, so you need either your gynecologist or your partner’s urologist, plus your family doctor/fertility specialist to offer the right solution.


First of all, make sure your partner and you are in a truly tip-top child-making condition. Experts agree that making love every 2-3 days instead of every day optimizes your chances perfectly. Thus, ovulation is a key thing here. However, the majority of fertility experts advise against too complicated techniques and specific days. It can just make a baby-trying process more than stressful. In general, the more relaxed the approach, the better it is. Having constant unprotected sex means that there will be a sperm in the right time and place, no matter whenever you ovulate. Why not simply enjoy your love life and take it easy? They say this is an ideal way to boost any pregnancy chances.

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