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Soma constitutes a medication indicated to ease the pain and stiffness of muscle seizures, as well as to treat the discomfort caused by strain and sprain. It belongs to the class of muscle relaxants.


Buy Soma 500mg –

Soma constitutes a medication indicated to ease the pain and stiffness of muscle seizures, as well as to treat the discomfort caused by strain and sprain. It belongs to the class of muscle relaxants.

How Does Soma 500mg Works ?

In adults it is usually can take one tablet (Soma 500 mg) orally, 2 times daily and before going to sleep. Soma should never be used in patients under age of twelve years. Soma 500mg tablet should be accompanied with food or milk, because such a plan of dosage is suitable for minimizing the risk of possible stomach upset. Never modify the dosage which was prescribed individually for you by your doctor.

Warnings/Precautions of Soma 500mg

Prior to administering this medication, inform your healthcare professional about any diseases you have, particularly about kidney or liver diseases, or a history of thereof. You may need a lower dose or professional medical monitoring in the course of your cure. If you have acute intermittent porphyria, it is impossible for you to take Soma.
If you are pregnant, or likely to become pregnant, you should not administer Soma without consulting with your doctor and obtaining his approval. If you are currently breast-feeding, you should not take Soma without first talking to your pharmacist, since it is not known for certain if this medicine passes into breast milk. Never use Soma in children younger than twelve years old.

If you Missed Dose

Once you have missed a dose of Soma 500mg, administer it as soon as it is possible, if you remember that within one hour. And in the case if you remember it by the time for the subsequent dose, just ignore the missed dose and stick to your normal dosing program. Never take a double dose of Soma in order to come up to the one you missed.

Possible Side Effects

Soma 500mg may induce such side effects as: tremor, dizziness, agitation, headache, vertigo, ataxia, irritability, syncope, depressive reactions, and insomnia. Very rarely there may develop allergic or idiosyncratic reactions. They are usually manifested along with the first few doses in patients having had no previous contact with Soma. Skin rash, pruritus, erythema multiforme, eosinophilia, and fixed drug eruption with cross reaction to meprobamate have also been rarely fixed with Soma. And severe negative reactions have been shown by weakness, asthmatic episodes, dizziness, fever, angioneurotic edema, hypotension, smarting eyes, and even anaphylactoid shock. Remember that you must contact your doctor straightaway if any of the abovementioned occurs.


Store the drug at measured room temperature, i.e. between 15 and 30 degrees C. Keep it in a close-fitting container.


In the case of occasional overdose look for medical attention instantaneously. The main signs of the overdose are the following: lowered blood pressure (fainting, weakness, confusion), unconsciousness and trouble breathing.

More Information

You should be extremely careful when driving a car, operating machinery, or executing other dangerous activities, because this medication may evoke drowsiness or dizziness. Avoid alcohol consumption when administering Soma, inasmuch it may intensify the abovementioned drowsiness and dizziness.


This information about the medication is informational only, and it does not include all the possible instructions, uses, drug interactions, side or adverse effects of it. You should not rely on this general information in any case, for any purpose. This information about the drug contains no precise instructions for a certain patient. Because of this, we repudiate all responsibility for the reliability and accurateness of it, as well as for any possible consequences which might arise from the use of this info.

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