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Etizolam (Etilaam) is an anti-convulsing skeletal muscle relaxant used to treat various different medical conditions including insomnia, anxiety or panic attacks. Etizolam is part of the benzodiazepine family of drugs and shares effects with medication such as valium and Rivotril.


What is Etizolam?        

Etizolam is a benzodiazepine used for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and similar illnesses. It has been used several years ago but has recently fallen out of favour with doctors. Another shocking fact is that there’s been an increase in drug addicts who use Etizolam to get a ‘high’ or feeling of euphoria. Unfortunately, even though Etizolam might help with relieving a patient/person with these mental illnesses, there’s a high chance that some negative effects might occur. Currently, other benzos are being used to treat specific mental disorders. Simply put, Etizolam has fallen out of favour not because it doesn’t have potential, but because it can be dangerous to use.

On top of that, you need a doctor’s prescription if you want to use Etizolam, which means that the only way to get it without a doctor’s prescription is by buying it online, or by buying it from street vendors (in the case of street vendors, it’s most likely not Etizolam but a concoction of various chemicals which can cause a lot of harm. It’s also illegal to buy Etizolam in the United States).

Abuse potential

Etizolam, like a benzo, has a high potential for abuse. This isn’t uncommon with benzodiazepines because they have an effect on the human psyche. Also, they function in such a way that your body will want more of it, or in other words; it will need it to function properly. This is why the unregulated use of Etizolam is dangerous and can lead to deadly outcomes. There have been hundreds of cases of deaths by overdosing on Etizolam in the United States in the year 2014, so if you choose to use it for the purpose it was designed for, be very careful about how much you take and don’t ever take more.

We do not recommend taking Etizolam because there are much better options available.

Etizolam Physical effects

Although there are many misconceptions about etizolam, it’s important to know the effects of Etizolam and the usually allowed doses so you don’t encounter any problems if you decide to use it. The doses that we will list aren’t recommended by health officials but rather by users that have been using the drug. It is not an official recommendation. The effects include:

–    Feeling of dizziness

–    Respiratory Depression

–    Physical Euphoria – the user might feel a state of extreme euphoria after taking Etizolam

–    Relaxation of muscles

–    Feeling Sedated – Etizolam can actively ‘force’ the user into a state of tiredness. The user can feel as if they haven’t slept in a long time and they might feel the need to sit or lay down. These effects increase with the dose.

Etizolam Mental effects

Etizolam also causes certain mental or cognitive effects.

–    Suppression of anxiety – This is a particularly useful effect for people with anxiety because it helps them control the symptoms of it.

–    Dream potential – A user’s dream potential can increase after taking Etizolam.

–    Amnesia

–    Suppression of Analysis

–    Deceleration of Thoughts

–    Emotional Suppression – A person’s emotions can become weakened or non-existent.


Usual dosages range from 0.5mg to 5mg but if it’s your first time using a drug like Etizolam, don’t try to go over 2 milligrams. It takes around 1 hour for the effects to kick in (or less), and the entire drug lasts for a total of 8 hours.

Etizolam for Insomnia

People tend to develop various types of psychological and physical problems, and the cause of this is the society which is pushing us harder and harder. Stress is becoming a common thing, and there is not a single person on this planet who isn’t stressed at least a little. This stress is the main reason for disorders such as insomnia, depression, and anxiety to manifest. Luckily, medicine is advancing, and we can seek help there. There are many drugs which can assist us but Etizolam for insomnia can be the best of them.

Why Etizolam?

Etizolam is one of those benzodiazepines such as Xanax and Valium which can be used to treat insomnia. This medicine affects the chemicals in our brains thus providing us with relaxation feeling and soothing our nerves. This is the perfect thing for those who suffer from insomnia because the stress which is causing insomnia in the first place is going to be reduced significantly. Etizolam induces the GABA emission since it interacts with GABA receptors in our brain. This chemical is the one responsible for our calmness and feeling of relaxation.

Caution: Addictiveness and Withdrawal

Since this drug affects our brains and meddles with the chemicals in our body, that means it can cause some serious problems. For example, when a certain chemical is being produced in a greater amount than usual, then brain gets adjusted to it very quickly. After this adjustment, one will have a problem when he or she decides to stop with the consumption of the drug. At the certain point of life, you must stop consuming it because this drug will lower your memory capacity and weaken your cognitive functions.

The addiction can occur in about four weeks of actively consuming this drug, and that is by doctor’s prescription. In other words, if you follow the dosage your doctor set for, then you will get addicted in about four weeks, and he will have to change your medication. However if you do not follow you doctor’s prescription, then it’s possible to develop the addiction even quicker. You have to be aware of the fact that this drug is really strong one and would not like to overdo it. Every extensive usage of it can cause either physical or mental problem.

Combination with other drugs

You need to be extremely careful when it comes to mixing Etizolam with other drugs. This can cause in some cases even death. Listen to your doctor because if you mix it with other stimulatory substances than the side effects can be more severe. It can cause the failure of respiratory systems, and this can lead to death.

Etizolam is a medicinal drug used for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. It isn’t medically available in the United States, which means that the DEA hasn’t approved it and they are keeping a close eye on etizolam abuse. It is used in some parts of the world, but it’s rare to receive prescriptions from doctors for it. In 2014 there have been 140 seizures that occurred from the use of Etizolam (these happened in the United States). For comparison, 2012 had 0 seizures, which prompted the DEA to launch an investigation. But what can you, as our reader, find out about this drug? We’ll list all the necessary information in this article.

Etizolam works in a similar way like Valium and Klonopin. These drugs have the potential for abuse due to their euphoric effects or ‘highs’. Users can also experience relaxation along with these symptoms so it’s understandable and obvious why some street dealers would choose to sell this type of drugs. Obviously, people want to experience certain effects without having to worry about breaking the law, but what they don’t understand is that Etizolam shouldn’t be taken lightly nor should it be abused.

It’s usually sold as pills or powder and can be more than ten times more hypnotic than some other drugs such as Valium!

Etizolam and warning signs of abuse

Etizolam acts like other Benzodiazepines such as Klonopin and Valium, meaning that it too creates a feeling of pleasure, lowers inhibition, causes amnesia (albeit temporary), and impairs judgment. If you notice a person being slow and slurring their speech, as if they are drunk and intoxicated on alcohol, you might be looking at someone who’s been using benzos. These people have slower reaction times, increased self-confidence, muscle coordination which is impaired, and violent mood swings. If a person wouldn’t do a certain thing while not intoxicated, they will surely attempt to do so while on a benzo.

The only way to buy Etizolam in the United States is through street dealers (which is illegal and can get you several years in prison) or through the Internet, as it is advertised as an ‘experimentation drug’. An important aspect of Etizolam is that it may not be discovered during traditional drug scans because its chemical composition varies a small amount from typical benzodiazepines.

A person that’s been using Etizolam can be noticed simply by their behavioral patterns, which most of the time appear out of the ordinary. These individuals start having much worse grades in school or can be much less productive. Sometimes, Etizolam users can become disconnected from reality and become secretive, completely isolating themselves from society.

If Etizolam abuse happens, several negative effects such as depression and anxiety may happen as side-effects after the body cleanses itself from the drug.

The danger of abusing Etizolam

Etizolam, like other benzos, has a high potential for Etizolam abuse. This is mainly because it can cause high levels of addiction which mean that users will constantly seek out bigger and bigger doses, eventually overdosing. Also, people (for whatever reason), mix benzos with alcohol or other drugs which, in turn, increases the possibility of adverse effects happening. It’s highly recommended you stay away from other drugs or alcohol when taking any drug or medication to avoid Etizolam abuse.

Alcohol and benzodiazepines both depress the central nervous system (CNS). Combining the two can lower functions which are vital to the functioning of the human body, which results in hospitalizations due to overdoses. 2014 is a dark year which brought around 8 thousand deaths in the United States that happened thanks to overdosing on benzos. 2001 had five times fewer fatalities.

The following effects characterize etizolam overdoses:

–    Feeling drowsy

–    Feeling agitated

–    Blurred vision

–    Issues with breathing

–    Headaches

–    Confusion

–    Muscle weakness

–    Arrhythmias and potential cardiac arrest

Overdoses can be reversed only in the event where the individual is taken to a medical facility as soon as possible. Overdoses are also treated as ‘medical emergencies’, meaning that they take priority over some other health cases.


Etizolam is naturally addictive, which is why it shouldn’t be taken without a doctor’s prescription or recommendation. If you don’t specifically follow guidelines set by your doctor (if you even got it prescribed from him), you’re going to become addicted. Etizolam can interrupt the natural order of things in the body, such as our reward system. Your body feels good while on Etizolam, so it starts craving for more. Unfortunately, this is the path to an overdose.

If your body starts becoming dependent on Etizolam, seek help immediately and stop using the drug altogether. You don’t want to end up with an overdose, potentially damaging certain vital systems or even causing death.

USA Vendors

There are some vendors in the U.S. that sell Etizolam but the chances of purchasing a legit product is higher in vendors outside the country. Most of these vendors are highly advertised and widely talked about in forums that deal with Etizolam.

Online Purchase and Shipping

Another way for buyers to get their hands on Etizolam is through the internet. Nowadays, everything can be bought online since it’s easier and less of a hassle. There are a number of online vendors selling the substance and a handful of them are located outside the U.S.

Ordering Etizolam online is convenient. But you’ll need to be sure that the vendor you’ll be buying from is legit and trustworthy. Doing research, tracing comments from current and past buyers, and looking the each vendor’s history are some things that need to be done before making a Buy Here Etizolam purchase.

Current Legal Standing

Here are some countries with a confirmed legal standing on the drug:

  • U.S.A.

The state of Arkansas classified the drug as a Schedule I drug in August 2014.

  • Germany

Etizolam and Phenazepam were considered as controlled substances in July 2013.

  • Poland

The country is currently scheduling the drug under the Act of Counteracting Drug Addiction and the State of Sanitary Inspection. (headlined under Article 27c).

  • Switzerland

The drug is currently controlled in the country.

  • U.K.

The drug is now considered to be illegal in terms of production, distribution, and import. This was headlined under the Psychoactive Substance Act, which came into legal effect on May 2016, meant for the Buy Etizest Etizolam.

Etizolam Legality

While Etizolam has been considered  a legal drug in certain countries before, the U.K. has imposed a Psychoactive Substances Act on May 2016 that completely bans the supply and human consumption of Etizolam. Etizolam has yet to receive a government and medical-backed license in the U.S. and U.K.

Xanax: What is It?

Xanax, or otherwise known as Alprazolam, is an anxiolytic belonging under the benzodiazepine family. This is the same chemical family where Valium, Klonopin, Ativan, and Dalamne belong to. Xanax functions by minimizing unintended and abnormal brain excitement.

Xanax Legality

The FDA in the U.S. officially approved the use of the drug in October 1981.

Xanax Treatment

Xanax is intended to treat anxiety disorders or provide relief for short-term anxiety symptoms. Anxiety or tension related to daily stress should never involve the use of the drug (unless prescribed by the physician).

Side Effects

Known side effects of the drug are usually observed at the start of therapy. Often times, it would later disappear after continued intake. Reported side effects of the drug include:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Low energy levels
  • Frequent fainting
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Blurred vision
  • Weakness

Xanax Tablets

Xanax is often sold in the form of a tablet. This is usually in the form of extended-release, oral-disintegrating, and solution concentrate — all taken by mouth.

Drug Comparison Reports: Xanax vs. Etizolam

Many users claim that Xanax is the easiest drug to acquire since it’s widely available through a doctor’s prescription. Etizolam, on the other hand, entails a direct-order approach from manufacturers or online vendors within or outside the U.S.

In terms of potency, Xanax is widely regarded to be the most powerful over Etizolam. Some have reported of getting “knocked out” after taking an initial dose of the drug.

In terms of side effects, Xanax has been known to cause frequent side effects when taken in high doses. Numerous deaths have been attributed to Xanax drug abuse. Etizolam, while still being tested in independent laboratories and medical groups, has its share of side effects although not as severe as that in Xanax.



In conclusion, we’d like to state that Etizolam can be helpful with people that have mental issues. The drug does work as intended and it might help you lead an easier life. However, due to all the adverse effects that it carries, it’s hard to find and usually not recommended by doctors. All in all, it might be better to simply take something else, as to not risk any potential negative effects happening.


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Etizolam (Etilaam) is an anti-convulsing skeletal muscle relaxant used to treat various different medical conditions including insomnia, anxiety or panic attacks. Etizolam is part of the benzodiazepine family of drugs and shares effects with medication such as valium and Rivotril.